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outstanding results delivered in all engagements

* references available upon request

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business success catalysed by ICT

Kespoke has delivered many successful ICT strategy, development, delivery and continuous improvement initiatives - literally all on time, on budget, on scope and, most importantly delivering to the business case

Kespoke has helped ICT suppliers, including providing Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Business Development Officer roles

Kespoke has assisted many ICT consumers, including technology roadmap strategies to underpin business plan success, business analysis, prototyping, bespoke software development, managed cloud solutions and fixing red projects


prevention and cure

The Kespoke team has managed and/or delivered a wide range of consulting activities that prevented disputes from occurring, with solid evidence to support the claim

And, when disputes have occurred, we have deployed industry-accredited practitioners following industry-accredited processes and resolved them at a higher success rate, lower cost and shorter time period than any quality competitor.

We have access to accredited practitioners in all fields of dispute resolution, covering all types of disputes and across a broad range of relevant qualifications, including lawyers, ex-lawyers, psychology, social work, economics, accounting and business

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a track record of success

the Kespoke team has written numerous business plans and associated 180-day action plans, project/program managed the action plans and written in six information memoranda across six industries - ict, human resources software, global not for profit, regenerative farming & carbon capture, dispute resolution and fintech


helping business manifest opportunities into reality

Kespoke has assisted numerous organisations to win significant strategic opportunities through the knowledge, experience and expertise of the Kespoke team

examples include assisting a small pastoral and tourism business win a $4m contract with a federal government department; assisting an aboriginal not for profit to win a significant contract with the sa government that created a new business unit for the organisation; and various organisations to successfully secure substantial grant funding

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governance, risk management and stakeholder management

Kespoke brings to the table experiences and track record in governance, risk management and stakeholder management

successful initiatives include:

directorships at:

* Bedford Group

* Bedford Foundation

* Carers SA

* Australian Information Industries Association

* Ben's Friends (global)

* The Erythromelalgia Association (global)

* Minda Incorporated

* SA Group Enterprises

* SA Progressive Business

* International Lyme and Associated Diseases Association Ambassador (global)

Kespoke Managing Director, David Kelly, is a Fellow of the Governance Institute of Australia (FGIA)

* Global Sport for Humanity (global)

* Codespoke Ventures

* Pulteney Old Scholars Football Club


closing the gap

The Kespoke team has successfully delivered over twelve RAPs and brings to the table influential and highly-regarded Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) Elders and Leaders, along with non-ATSI leaders to not only develop strategic RAPs, but also ensure they are executed and delivered impeccably

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enabling people to realise their full potential

the Team at Kespoke has mentoring in its dna. successful mentoring has been delivered to students, individuals, groups, executives and boards across a range of industries
Kespoke has a special focus on the disadvantaged, disabled, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

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